Hello Everybody!

My name is Feryal and I am a mother of two beloved girls.

I am a registered Music Together Teacher as well as the Centre Director of Music4Kids Ankara Music Together in Ankara since 2012.

I was born in Bulgaria where I started my formal piano education with Ahter Destan. After moving to Turkey, I continued my Music Education at İstanbul Anatolian Fine Arts High School Music Department.

Then I moved to Ankara for my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music at Gazi University, where I was blessed to study piano with pianist–composer Mehmet Okonsar who introduced me the Suzuki Piano Method. During and after my university years I attended many Piano Master classes and workshops in Turkey and abroad. I also have been giving private piano and guitar lessons since 1995.

I was impressed to see how Suzuki Method lively efects the music love on the young minds and little fingers. This effect on little children brought me to become a registered Suzuki Piano Teacher.I am a member of the  Suzuki Association of the Americas (SSA) https://suzukiassociation.org since 2000.

I worked as a music teacher at British Embassy School Ankara (BESA) http://www.besaturkey.org/from 2001-2010. I also had experienced to work as a music teacher in Ankara English Preschool/Yuva Ilkadim and International Yasemin Preschool.

After my second daughter’s pregnancy in 2011, I started to research for the very early and early music programs and I immediatelyrecognized it as a perfect fit for her - combining her love of music, movement, teaching and children.

I was cheered of the concept of Music Together how is supporting kids’ development in musical and movement skills while offering fun time to their grown-ups. My formal music education allowed me to fully enjoy the Music Together philosophy and grasp the great essence of it.

Since 2013 I am working as a Year 6 Teaching Assistant at BESA and continue to teach private piano and guitar lessons.

If you acknowledge the importance of music and movement for children in their early years,

join us at our Music4Kids Ankara Music Together Centre and let the little ones and yourself have fun!!!

Keep Making Music Together!